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String: Volkl cyclone (16 1.30 mm) Construction: Co-Polymer Monofilament Racket Used: Babolat Aero Pro Drive Tension: 59 lbs (about 27 kg) Cost: $9 a set (Typically) Cyclone – What You Need to Know Volkl Cyclone is one of the most hyped up polyester strings available today.

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Beam Width: 22.0mm: Tip/Shaft: 22.0mm / 22.0mm: Composition: Ultra High Modulus Graphite with Kinetic System Technology: Power Level: Low-Medium

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$239 when buying 2+! The latest update to the iconic Wilson Pro Staff RF 97. Co-designed by Roger Federer, the 2016 Wilson Pro Staff Autograph tennis racquet features a new matte black velvet color with chrome touches.Very detailed laser engraved graphics, the RF 97 Autograph's new state-of-the-art design is the perfect option for the advanced player who enjoys loads of plow through with a ...

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 · Found a good price on a reel on ebay so it comes out to about 8 dollars to string it plus my time. I've also tried volkl cyclone 16g and I liked it and the price. just prefer hyper-g. level 1. 4.5 1 point · 1 year ago. Please look up kirshbaum max power 16 gauge. It's pre stretched and maintains tension for about 1 month of playing.

Volkl Cyclone 16 String Customer Reviews

Volkl Cyclone 16 String Customer feedback. Click the button below or email [email protected] to contribute your experiences with this product. Although not necessary, it's interesting to have a first name, city, state and country (no email addresses will be used). Any information submitted becomes the property of Tennis Warehouse.

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Volkl V Torque 16G Tennis String - Neon Green. Volkl V Torque 17G Tennis String - Neon Green. Volkl V Torque 18G Tennis String - Neon Green

Volkl V1 Classic Racquets

With over 20 yeas under its belt, Volkl's V1 Classic has stood the test of time. As one of the original 'tweeners, this popular racquet was designed to give intermediate players a light performance racquet with great all-around performance. The V1 Classic should also appeal to …

Volkl Cyclone 18G Neon Yellow Tennis String | Volkl ...

Description . Offering the most spin and feel to go along with surprising playability, Volkl Cyclone 18G Neon Yellow Tennis String is now available in Yellow and features a highly geometric gear shape, which combines with co-polyester construction. The multi-sided shape features significant ridges, which help to really bite the ball and result in the ability to generate tremendous amounts of spin.


Combining Power Fiber II and Cyclone: Volkl's Psycho Hybrid was born. Giving you all the advantages of a gut-like performance string, Power Fiber II helps create exceptional feel …

String Review: Volkl Cyclone Tour | TENNIS.com

The second time I had my racquet strung with Cyclone Tour, I bumped my customary tension by 3 lbs which helped with control, yet I still feel as though I could go even higher.

Volkl Cyclone 1.30/16 String

Recently I strung my Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid with these Volkl Cyclone 16g at 48 lbs. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised. After a brief break-in period, these strings felt almost as comfortable as my favorite multis but offered increased spin potential and control. My serves were spot on and my splice exceptional.

Volkl Cyclone String Review

 · Volkl Cyclone's gear shape makes it a spin machine. Our testers discovered this one to be very user-friendly, offering above average feel and playability for a poly-based string.


Combining Power Fiber II and Cyclone: Volkl's Psycho Hybrid was born. Giving you all the advantages of a gut-like performance string, Power Fiber II helps create exceptional feel & SHOCK... View full product details »

Volkl V

The V-Feel 6 updates the V-SENSE 6 with some major changes to the design, but keeps the user-friendly playability that made this such a perfect racquet for rising intermediates.It should also work for the strong beginner who wants to start hitting with more pace and spin. Although the target weight and balance remain the same, Volkl has updated this racquet with a thicker, more powerful beam.

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 · Best Value for Performance Tennis Strings I Bang for Your Buck! Tennis Reviews shows you their best value or bang for your buck tennis strings. They talk about strings ranging from polyester to ...

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Stiffer strings exhibit higher peak impact tension, higher peak force, less string deflection, and shorter dwell time (time on the strings). This leads to less power because the higher force crushes the ball more and loses energy. It leads to less comfort because the higher force for a shorter time creates greater shock to the hand and arm.

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Summary. Unlike some strings that excel in only one or two areas, Volkl Psycho offers an undeniably large list of desirable features. Of course there's a reason for this: Psycho, a hybrid, draws its benefits from two strings, one of which is Volkl Cyclone, a shaped co-poly, and the other, Power Fiber II, a plush and lively multifilament. Both of our playtesters put Cylone in the mains to ...

Stringforum.net: Reviews of the Völkl Cyclone 17

 · Cyclone gets springy after about 8-10 hours and balls fly more. RPM feels more consistent after 8-10 hours. Similar string(s): Babolat RPM Blast: ... Durability is very good, no notching for a long time. Tension maintenance is also good, no significant changes in playability. Would recommend to string 2-4 lbs lower than usual to increase power.

New playtest review of Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 (soft) tennis ...

Volkl Cyclone Tour 17. The Volkl Cyclone Tour is the newest addition to the popular Volkl polyester tennis string family. This Tour version is the softer twisted cousin of the original Volkl Cyclone (the black, gear shaped poly string – you can read my review here).I enjoyed the first version and was pretty thrilled to try out a softer version of the same string with a twist!

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Volkl Cyclone Tour is a gear shaped co-poly that is twisted for added bite. Cyclone Tour is designed to offer more comfort and liveliness than the original Cyclone string, but with the same great control and spin. ... Andy - "The second time I strung up the Cyclone Tour I increased the tension 3-4 lbs, and then I received the control that I was ...

Bobine Volkl Cyclone 1,20 mm

This time it was Cyclone 18 at 45 lbs. in an old Volkl Quantum V1. It feels good and I can generate heavy topspin that my opponents comment on. Last night, I hit several deep shots that dropped in, even though I thought that I had hit them long.

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 · Best Polyester Tennis Strings! Tennis Reviews shows you what, in their opinion, are the best/top 3 polyester tennis strings right now. Ytex Quadro Twist htt...

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Our playtest team found Volkl Cyclone to be a very user-friendly co-poly with no real downsides. Unlike some strings that require either an onerous break-in period or constant tinkering with swing speed and tension, we thought Cyclone's playability was exceptional right "out of the box." This doesn't mean that Cyclone is for everybody.

Volkl Cyclone 16 tennis string review

That's not to say that the Volkl Cyclone didn't produce good spin. Closing thoughts on Volkl Cyclone 16 strings. Overall, the time I spent reviewing the Cyclone was a great experience, probably one of my favorite strings. If I had to chose between RPM or Cyclone, I would go with Cyclone.

Stringforum.net: Reviews of the Völkl V

As a Cyclone user (for more than 1 year), I can say that V-Pro is more arm friendly than Cyclone. Talking about it in comparison to SPPP - V-Pro is years ahead in terms of comfort - in other areas I'd say that they are pretty similar - except by tension maintenance: here there's no string (that I've tested so far) that lasts like SPPP - SPPP is ...

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Best strings for Babolat pure aero? : tennis

 · Alternatively, Volkl Cyclone is a great alternative to RPM Blast, with a slightly softer feel. If durability is a big issue to you, I would recommend looking into using a thicker gauge of string, I think Babolat produces a 15 gauge RPM Blast, which should be more durable than the thinner 16 or 17 gauge.

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Head updates the Speed racquet line with the all-new Graphene 360+ racquets. This new Speed Pro Graphene 360+ is endorsed on-court by 17-time major champion, Novak Djokovic. The 2020 Speed Pro Graphene 360+ is loaded with an array of new updates from Head Tennis.

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